Global Trends to Project Management

global trendsProject management has gained massive popularity in the business and corporate world. In fact, almost every professional has to practice a little bit of project management in their work environment. A career in project management has become highly diversified and in 2016 there are several global trends to project management that project managers ought to be aware of.

  1. The popularity of Agile Approaches to Project Management.

The Agile approach has become more popular amongst many companies as the ultimate project management method. This can be chiefly attributed to the fast-paced world and work environment which has led employers and entrepreneurs to use this method to keep up with the competitors.

  1. Diversification of skills for the Project Managers.

Many companies are now hiring project managers with a diverse set of skills more than the conventional project managers. It is not just enough to have the project management qualifications; employers are looking at other sets of skills that can be of use in their organizations including human resource, finance, IT and other qualifications in addition to project management.

  1. Project Managers Cum Entrepreneurs.

Project managers with entrepreneurial skills are selling like hot cake. Unfortunately, most project managers do not have entrepreneurial qualities, and although these cannot be learnt overnight, serious project managers should steer towards developing business ideas.

  1. Expansion of Project Management to Other Work Areas.

expansionProject management is now expanding to other areas that were traditionally considered out of the scope of this profession. For instance, project management has been extended to sales and marketing which was traditionally a non-project management area.

  1. Project Management As an Adaptation Tool.

Given the fast-paced business and work environment, project management has now become a major tool for change management. This necessitates project managers who want to remain effective to acquire the unique skills of identifying changes and providing solutions for the corporate and business environment.

  1. Global Teams in Project Management.

Project management implementation teams have also diversified in nature and scope. Since research has shown that diverse teams tend to bring in better ideas, companies are resorting to hiring diverse teams of project managers. This has resulted in global teams. Additionally, project management teams are now working from different locations and making effective utilization of the virtual space in implementing projects.

  1. Project Management Software.

Technological advancement is evolving at a rapid pace and affecting almost every profession in the process. Project management has not been left behind either, and this is evident in the rising popularity of project management software in implementing different projects. Project managers can no longer rely on the use of email solely as the main means of communicating during project implementation since there are many project management software that has proven to be more effective.

As a career, project management has evolved greatly and new trends are coming up daily. You have to keep abreast with these latest project management trends to ensure that you remain marketable. You cannot just rely on what you have learnt in school, but you must go out of your way and research to get tips on how to remain relevant in the ever-changing and expanding project management career.